• Originally a program for astronauts


• Perfectly optimized by Prof. in TCM, Aage Stenseth



cellRESET presentation



Professor Aage Stenseth, TCM



 Head of the Norwegian Professional School for Natural    Medicine for 14 years.       

 Translated all basic books of homeopathy, author and publisher of “Classic Acupuncture for Practitioners”.

 Working since 30 years in the field of healthy nutrition.

 Over the last 10 years he has provided more than 100 presentations and nutrition lectures per year all

over the world.


Professor Aage Stenseth - research statement;



In 2009 I read an article from the NASA about two employees who reported of a nutrition program

which allowed them to reduce body weight and fat.

After a longer illness, endless medicine and many additional and undesirable extra kilos,

I was searching for a solution and decided to start the program.

In only 8 days, I was able to lose 4 kilos with the help of the program.

Although I was happy about the result, physically I did not feel well.

I felt stiff, uncomfortable and had a huge lack of energy.

Unfortunately, I also gained again quickly.

After some research, I found out that the program was mainly popular in the US and especially Hollywood considered it as an insider’s tip.

So, I had a deeper look at the concept and realized quickly, that there was a lot of space for improvement.

I started to add techniques and principles from the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and optimized the purification phase with minerals and

an optimized herbal tea.

For the metabolism and strengthening of the musculature, I used the Vitamin B Complex and Essential Amino Acids.

These nutrients not only had to be of the highest quality and extremely effective but also to possess extraordinary features.

Throughout the utilization, the metabolism should increase and the hormone level should balance out.

On one side I wanted to maintain my weight after the reduction period and on the other side I was looking to enjoy and participate in the social life and not just live in permanent abstinence.

With this optimized program, I lost 8 kilos within 7 days and felt extremely fit and energetic!

In the following 3 weeks, I reduced 4 more kilos, while my energy level continuously increased.

I hadn’t felt that energetic in the past 10 years.

In 28 days, my blood level got optimized and I could stop taking antihypertensive drugs.

My blood sugar and cholesterol reached an optimal level and my HDL rose from 1.4 to healthy 2.3.


cellRESET was born!


In my private environment, my physical change and my new energy level did not stay unnoticed.

Everybody wanted to try the program for themselves.

Not even 2 years later, over 10,000 satisfied users were generated only in Norway.

The major excitement of the people was the” particularity” that while using cellRESET,

they did not have to dispense any family reunion or party.

Even when I was undisciplined, I just did one or two cellRESET days afterwards

(on which you have to eat 4 times a day!) to balance it out.